Crafting Monuments

Monuments, Gravestones and Memorials in Barbour County, WV

Surock Monument Co. Helps Make Hard Decisions Compassionately

Picking a monument, gravestone, or memorial is one of the many decisions that family members of deceased loved ones in Barbour County, WV have to make when that times comes. Sometimes your loved one is making those decisions ahead of time because they do not want to burden family members. At Surock Monument Co., we can make those hard decisions a little easier and ease the stress on you or your loved one with exquisite monuments and compassionate customer service. Give us a call at (304) 622-1776 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Saturday, Sunday, and evening meetings are available by appointment.

Decades of Experience in the Granite Industry

Owners Teresa and Eric Surock have almost five decades of combined experience in the granite industry. Eric Surock started his career in the granite industry in 1989, while Teresa entered the field in 1996. We love the work that we do at Surock Monument Co. and are blessed to own the business because we are helping families honor their loved ones. We have developed great relationships within the community and surrounding area, including Philippi, WV.

Proudly Crafting Memorials for Military Members

The Surock Monument Co. is proud to remember men and women from Belington, WV who have served in the military with our thoughtful, well-crafted veteran memorials. Military members often put their lives on the line while serving, which we keep in mind while we are crafting veteran memorials. We have sold, crafted and installed many veteran memorials in West Virginia, and we would be honored to design yours. We make sure that your military veterans will not be forgotten.


Grave Cleaning Wipes Away the Grime and Dirt

High winds, vandalism, age, weather, and other factors can lead to a monument needing cleaned. The grave cleaning professionals at Surock Monument Co. will clean your loved one’s monument by hand or by sandblasting. We can make the monument look new again for Junior, WV customers with our proven, knowledgeable methods. We have the right cleaning chemicals that wipe away the grime and dirt that build up over time. This is a great way to show that you are still thinking of your loved one.