Surock Has Many Ways to Express Loved One’s Life

There are a number of ways that you can memorialize your loved one through Surock Monument Co. Working with the Surocks, you will be able to pick the right memorial to express your loved one’s life. To talk to our expert granite craftsman, call us at (304) 622-1776 or stop by our shop at 3873 Mount Clare Road in Mount Clair, WV., as well as our shops on 631 Mansfield Drive in Philippi, WV and on 8884 Seneca Trail in Parsons, WV.

You will be able to pick from the following memorial types:

• Monuments
• Custom monuments
• Mausoleums
• Markers
• Columbarium

• Benches
• Bronze memorials
• Granite signs
• Veteran memorials

• Civic memorials
• Vases
• Color Portraits
• Pet memorials

We Can Customize Monuments With Unique Shapes And Scenes

For those wanting a custom monument through Surock Monument Co., we can provide you with a beautiful memorial of your loved one. A custom monument can have unique shapes, specialized hand carvings, favorite quotes, favorite scenes, epitaphs, color photos, special lettering, movie lines and much more. We want you to be happy with the monument that is as unique.

Monuments with unique shapes and scenes

Mausoleums Are Strong Tributes to Person or Family

Mausoleums, which are external buildings that can enclose the interment space of one person or many people, are the ultimate tribute to an individual or family. Surock Monument Co. works with experienced companies to craft mausoleums of different sizes and colors. We will work with you and the cemetery to build the mausoleum that fits your needs, vision and budget.

Simple Markers and Less Expensive

We Can Make Simpler Markers That Still Look Great

If you are looking for something that is much simpler and less expensive, then Surock Monument Co. can provide you with a well-crafted marker. Markers would be installed at grass level, but they can still have inscriptions, shapes, symbols or epitaphs if you want them.

Some of the types of markers we can craft include:
• Lawn level companion
• Lawn level single
• Granite and bronze

Missing Your Pet? Remember Them With Memorial

Not only do we craft monuments for humans, Surock Monument Co. also designs and installs pet memorials. Pets are cherished companions and are viewed as members of the family in many instances, so we can design thoughtful tributes to them. You can have a traditional marker for a pet cemetery, a memorial for your yard or a laser etched pet marker with a photo of your pet.