Shining Spotlight on Loved Ones With Great Services

Surock Monument Co. is proud of offer quality services for our customers who are looking to shine a light on the life of their loved one. From laser etching at the start of the process to leveling sunken monuments, we are a full service monument company. To see examples of our work, look at our gallery page on this site. Give us a call at (304) 622-1776 to get those services.

Some of our services include:

• Laser Etching
• Professional Installation

• Cemetery Engraving
• Cleaning and Restoration

• Leveling Sunken
• Monuments

We Provide Quality Laser Etching on Monuments

At Surock Monument Co., we not only can etch the name, birth date and death date, but we can also order laser-etched monuments with a scene, image or even the portrait of your loved one. This service is particularly popular with our customers because of the personalization offered. Families choose to use etched scenes in a monument because of the special meaning of the scene or image.

Worry-Free Delivery And Installation Of Monument

Surock Monument Co. designs, sells, engraves, delivers and professionally installs your monument. We work with a number of cemeteries in northern West Virginia, and we know the types of monuments that are permitted. We will be up front with you in regard to what kind of monument is permitted by the cemetery. We also take care of the necessary paperwork, and we alert the cemetery that we will be installing the monument.

Worry Free Delivery and Installation of Monument

Accurate Cemetery Etching Available After Loved One Passes

It is common now for a monument to be created before a loved one dies, especially in a family plot. Because of that, it is necessary to etch the date of death when it is time. At Surock Monument, we are fully capable of doing that, and we can add other lettering at the site. You can rest assured that we always use the best materials and equipment, and we will get the information right.

Cleaning Gravestones

Our Cleaning Can Make Gravestones Look New

Age, weather and other factors can lead to a monument needing cleaned. At Surock Monument Co., we will clean your loved one’s monument by hand or by sandblasting. We can make the monument look new again with our proven, knowledgeable methods. This is a great way to show that you are still thinking of your loved one despite the passage of time.

Monument sunken? We Can Make it Level Again

Soil erosion, soil shifting, bad foundations, lawn mowing and vandalism can cause monuments to sink, lean or fall over. Surock Monument Co. can fix the problem by leveling the monument with the right foundation, soil or whatever it takes to align it with other monuments. You can trust us to get the job done at an affordable price.